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    About Us

    Since our establishment in 2013, our mission has been to provide innovative solutions that connect with audiences in an unexpected and powerful way. Our high-impact video embedded communication tools, like video brochures, video books, video mailers, and video business cards, empower our clients as well as their marketing and agency partners to tell their stories in the most personal and effective way possible.

    We’re based in the U.S., which means we are easy to reach, fast to respond, and completely knowledgeable. Over the years we have developed a solid network of specialized factories in Shenzhen that provide the right technology, quality printing, and skilled production so our capabilities are second to none and guaranteed to perform to our stringent specifications.

    We’ve built a great team here that have incredible experience including Walt Disney Home Video, Blockbuster Video, and cable TV providers like HBO and Showtime. The experts here at Video SmartBooks have always been at the forefront of the video revolution, which makes us uniquely situated to help clients explore and take advantage of this new, exciting industry.
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    In addition to our video related experience, we have a background working in top-tier advertising agencies including creating integrated marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands, incorporating TV commercials and corporate videos as well as extensive print production experience.

    We offer the largest selection of superior quality video screens, as well as standard and custom size Video SmartBooks. We also offer many customization opportunities such as hard and soft covers, variable memory storage for any length of video, an array of control buttons, a 4-color process and specialty printing techniques, point of purchase displays, and more.

    We boast a rapid process. It usually takes between 9-12 days to produce our work and then we ship it directly to you. This is both time and resource-efficient as we’re committed to keeping our rates competitive.

    Studies show that video marketing is the most impactful and effective method to acquire new customers and clients, train employees, and educate audiences. If you’re looking for a way to improve engagement, increase the memorability of your brand, and increase your client base in a way that’s entertaining, video marketing just can’t be beaten.

    If you think our marketing tools can help you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re friendly, professional and passionate about our marketing tools and help you and your business grow.