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    Video brochures have grown in popularity over the past few years. This comes as no surprise since research already indicates that about 87% of online marketers consider video content an essential part of their marketing strategy. Moreover, video is known to drive more engagement and enjoy a wider reach than texts.

    Futuristic companies are wasting no time to jump on the video train and engage their customers in the friendliest manner by producing video brochures for promotional campaigns. If you’ve been thinking about producing one for your company, Video Smartbooks is here to help. In this post, we answer all the important questions you may have about video brochures.

    What is a video brochure?

    In the simplest term, a video brochure is a card-based device that houses a screen, sound chip, and memory for video content. Once the user opens the brochure, the video autoplays, and the user gets to know more about your company’s products or services.

    Video brochures come in different screens and video sizes. The screen can be as small as 2.4 inches or as large as 10.1 inches. In the same vein, the video content may range from less than 1 minute to 2 hours or more. The choice will ultimately depend on your marketing budget and goals.

    How do video brochures play their content?

    There are two common ways through which video brochures play their content. Most brochures will autoplay the video upon opening via a number of technologies. The popular autoplay technologies for e-product video brochures include:

    • Magnetic seal activation
    • Light sensor activation
    • Motion sensor
    • Trigger activation

    On the other hand, people who find the autoplay feature intrusive may request brochures with button configurations. Such brochures will play/pause at the press of a button. The button configurations may also extend to previous/next and volume up/volume down.

    The smartest video brochures integrate both features. Although the video starts playing once you open the brochure, it remains muted until the user unmutes it. This ensures that it’s less intrusive, and the other buttons further facilitate a smooth user experience.

    What type of video do brochures support?

    The video file on most video brochures is usually AVI or MP4. However, at Video Smartbooks, we prefer the MP4 format because of the crisper look and better output. Some brochures may also have a configuration that supports PNG/JPEG files. That way, you can include promotional images alongside the video content.

    How long do video brochures last?

    Standard brochures promise about 80 minutes of battery life. However, our brochures at Video Smartbooks boast 1.5 to 2 hours of play time at full charge. You can also request brochures with longer battery life depending on your need. If left unplayed, our brochures typically last for many months, and each one comes with a charging cord to facilitate easy charging.

    Contact us for the best video marketing materials

    At Video Smartbooks, we specialize in helping companies maximize sales with video promotional materials. All our products are of the highest quality, and they come with guarantees. Contact us on 1-877-986-7774 for a free consultation or to learn more about the benefits of video brochures and other promotional products. 

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