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  • How Video Marketing Can Add Value To Your Business
  • How Video Marketing Can Add Value To Your Business

    In today’s trends, we know one thing for certain, a video marketing strategy is a must.

    Today’s marketers know that video content is the consumer’s medium of choice, and thus is a key component to any successful marketing strategy. Whether you’re a law office, bakery, real estate agent or entrepreneur- video marketing could transform your business.

    Video content can lend a helpful hand in a variety of marketing and business goals including sales, retention, customer experience and education, etc.

    In this blog post we’ll be discussing a variety of video marketing implementations and how they’re helping businesses across the board.

    Building your Brand Identity

    If you’ve never delved into video marketing before, then chances are your brand identity could use some extra attention.

    Your brand identity encompasses how your business presents itself to prospective customers and search engines; which directly affects the type of customers you attract and ultimately sell.

    Content creators like Buzzfeed employ younger personnel to promote their young and personable branding, so it’s no wonder why more than half of their audience fall between the ages of 18-34

    Using video content to showcase your company can set you apart from your competition (no matter how similar your offerings may be) and help you appeal to your target audience. Any form of strong digital marketing will help you.

    How to Increase Your Brand Identity

    Building brand identity is done in many ways…

    Like the Buzzfeed example, they know that they’re target audience is between the ages of 18-34… So, the best way to increase their brand identity is by getting content creators in that age group.

    So, anyone in that age range can relate to content produced by individuals in that same age range.

    Keep your target market in mind at all times.

    Your target market is the main focus in this. Your brand is only as good as the people who will interact with it. Keeping an eye out for what the target market is interested in is you can develop viral video marketing.

    Provide content for people with common questions in your industry.

    How? Go to Quora.com and search up your industry

    For this example, we are a wordpress development business who is looking to create content around questions people have. Their idea is to get great click through rate, increase conversions, and provide a call to action to get people interested in their development company.

    When searching ‘wordpress development’ on Quora, you can see the most popular questions tied to that search query. This is where you get your inspiration for video production so you can answer common questions.

    You can answer these questions on your site in your own content and establish yourself as the best resource for anyone with similar questions. Doing this not only helps brand awareness, but it also helps potential clients pay attention to you..

    People love to work with businesses that know what they are doing. In a marketing campaign you should always try to establish yourself as an expert.

    Educating New Customers

    Sometimes onboarding a customer can be difficult. Especially if that customer has trouble following verbal and/or written directions. The Social Science Research Network reports that 65% of people are visual learners, so it makes sense to use video as a way to better streamline your process.

    Explainer Videos” help users understand a product/service quickly while refraining from the standard and, let’s face it, boring instructional documents. These videos can not only help retain more customers, but also improve your customers overall experience.

    The more you educate people, the more likely they are to do business with you. In this sense, knowledge is power.

    If you create a video for a potential client, this can bridge that communication gap.

    How to Educate Customers

    One way, is by utilizing video brochures, an embedded video file within a promotional piece of print advertising. A video brochure can be a book, brochure, pamphlet, box, or card.

    They are kind of like those cards that play audio the second you open it. But with these, there is a high quality video embedded in it, along with the text content to make it look extremely professional.

    Educating these customers with a video book is extremely simple. Say you launch a new product… Something that is new and changes the way that people do things.

    Chances are, this product isn’t something people are not too familiar with so it is necessary to teach them about it. Well, all you would have to do is produce a high-quality video about how to use the product and how that product is useful.

    That is something that can instantly engage and educate a potential client. Doing so can drastically improve the chances of doing business with them.

    Video books are your chance to win clients over with brand videos.

    Fielding Support

    Have you ever heard the saying “killing two birds with one stone”?

    Using video to offer support and answer frequently asked questions is just the way to do that.

    With quality customer service and support being of top importance when trying to retain customers, it’s imperative you take proactive measures.

    Many companies are using video as a means to help manage their support queries, and 47% have found this has reduced the amount of customer support related inquiries.

    This decrease has helped many brands save money on expensive customer support teams, all whilst gaining your customer’s respect by staying one step ahead.

    Key Takeaway

    Using video to streamline your process and cater to customers can be an effective way to:

    • Win more sales
    • Educate customers on your product or service
    • Build your brand
    • Offer support and answer questions
    • Improve your customers overall experience


    Video marketing can make a huge difference in your business. Having high quality video in your marketing, whether that is in print advertising or in online marketing, can add value to your business.