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    Marketing Through Instagram

    Instagram (IG) is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. More than 1 billion active monthly users have solidified themselves as a giant in the social network scene. Instagram is not only a medium to express and engage online; it has also become an ultimate place for brand marketing. Its capacity to reach a massive and diverse audience has become a leeway for business owners to promote their products and services.

    What are the Benefits of Marketing through Instagram vs. Marketing on other social Media Platforms

    Instagram has consistently innovated and improved its features. It is no longer just a photo-sharing app. Its fun and interactive features make it easier to navigate and grow engagements. As it is continually trending and even having 2 million advertisers every month, it has proven itself to be the best portal in brand strategy beating other social media outlets.

    Diverse Audience

    Instagram may be on par with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with the number of users, but it outshines them and other social media platforms in boosting business reputations. Based on statistics, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account.

    Advertising your business means that you need to reach and appeal to potential clients. To do so, you need to grow your IG followers, which you can rapidly achieve by subscribing to Instagram followers services. The demographics of Instagram account holders are broad. They all come from all walks of life and vary in culture, ethnicity, and age. You have a greater chance to strategize and connect to your target costumers because of its diverse audience.

    High Engagement Rates

    Instagram is the leading platform for significant engagement growth. A study conducted by Locowise in February 2017 posits that Instagram’s engagement rate is 70% and 669% higher than Facebook and Twitter, respectively. You might be focusing on your Brand’s follower count and rely on sites to buy Instagram followers that buy real IG followers in expanding your marketing scheme, but take note that you should not depend on it solely. According to Forrester, Instagram ads have the highest engagement rate among all ads inducing digital platforms. Cultivating engagement rates in your account or hiring influencers bearing a high engagement rate can result in better advertising performance. Engagement is how often your followers interact with your content. More interactions are equivalent to increased concentrations, which infer to the rise of people’s interest and willingness to invest.

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Instagram is a dominantly, visual-based platform. As it is originally an image-centric app, visuals are fundamentally emphasized. Online marketing is mostly done through visuals. Those enticing posters and creative promotional clips are proven to be productive in attracting customers and generating sales.

    High Conversion Rate

    The main reason that entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers employ social media marketing is to gain profit. A report by Shopify stated that Instagram ads have a high conversion rate of 1.08%; On top of that, the report also indicated that Instagram users spend an average of $65 per referred sale. These narratives show why Instagram outmatch other social media platforms in brand marketing.

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    Marketing Through Instagram