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    Thermal Camera for Warehouse

    Warehouse managers have had to deal with a lot of changes in the last couple of months due to the coronavirus pandemic. First, supply has been affected in some cases since many factories have had to reduce operation due to limited labor. Secondly, the demand for some non-essential products has gone down as most retailers have closed their businesses. There’s also the fact that shipping has been affected in many areas, with transporters only concentrating on supplying essential items.

    If your warehouse is still in operation, you need to take several measures to protect your staff and customers from the virus. One way to ensure that is by installing thermal camera for warehouse at all entrances. Our cameras minimize the risk of allowing infected people into your facility, which would expose your employees and customers to the virus.

    Measures to Take at Warehouses to Fight COVID-19

    Most warehouses that are still open are fighting COVID-19 in various ways. Here are some of the measures that you can adapt too to make your workplace safer or resume operations in case you had closed.

    • Address Workers’ Concerns

    Workers who aren’t able to stay at home are at an increased risk of getting infected. As such, many of them have concerns about their health safety, and they worry about possibly taking the virus back home. As an employer, make it a priority to satisfy their safety concerns.

    Provide them with protective wear and be ready to offer shorter shifts if requested. It’s important not to overwork your staff at this time since fatigue and stress make them more vulnerable to serious illness in case they become infected. If your employees are working under pressure, they might also be unable to maintain social distancing or personal hygiene as required.

    • Overlap Shifts and Breaks

    Many operators are overlapping staff shifts and breaks to prevent them from becoming too populated in the warehouse at any given time. Go over their schedules and make arrangements such that only a limited number of people can be in one area at a particular time. That will minimize interpersonal interactions and help them observe social distancing.

    • Consult Suppliers

    Find out if your suppliers’ production plans have changed and what you need to do to make sure that you still receive your products. You may have to cancel some orders or reduce the incoming quantity. Prioritize critical supplies that are in high demand by your customers.

    • Have A Recovery Plan

    Have a plan in place for what you’ll do in case your warehouse is forced to close down due to complications from the pandemic. Identify facilities where you can transfer essential operations if you have to stop activity at your current location.

    Keep Your Warehouse COVID-19-Free

    By observing the measures recommended by public health service agencies, you can maintain operation at your warehouse while protecting your employees. Get our thermal camera for warehouse today to provide an important layer of protection. Call us on 1-866-669-3669 for more details on how our camera solutions can help keep your warehouse COVID-19-free.

    Thermal Camera for Warehouse

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