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    Media sales are an advertising space on any communication platform, such as a social media platform, magazine, newspaper, or outdoor billboard. Media sales can be as analog as digital media because one can sell spaces that allow one to attend events or access sponsorship opportunities.

    Traditional media sales place one in a position to reap more from the market, while digital media sales help one to acquire more opportunities in a possible new market. A concerted media campaign is fifty-seven percent more effective than one type of media sale.  This case means that TV, newspaper, and radio can boost digital media to give a more dominant platform. 

    Benefits of digital media

    Online audience

    Digital advertising is the current go-to solution for businesses that began in the latter part of the century. Research on forecast shows that companies are bound to spend 12.9 percent more on digital media now than the years before 2016.

    This pursuit is effective in reaching prospective clients because the world’s population is rapidly embracing social media. It is, therefore, only prudent for one to find a market audience in the most promising platform of the future.

    Easy management

    The beauty of digital media is that one can find digital solutions like ads, social media marketing, content marketing, and brand management easy to track. It is a challenge for one to follow the ROI using a newspaper ad or TV campaign, whereas digital solutions from iMedia Audiences have accurate growth numbers.


    Automation is one of the direst and needed aspects of digital marketing. Automated media enhances relationships with the client because the business can keep a constant communication flow. An example is sending automatic messages after a subscription or sharing products and solutions that could be of great benefit.

    Easy personalization

    The best strategy while producing marketing materials and content is ensuring it matches your audience’s needs. A Google or Facebook ad is the right choice when you want to reach the target customers with timely advertisements that are relevant to their online habits. Digital ads are a better choice because one can easily collect the online tendencies of extensive demographic data.

    Can you use both digital and traditional media?


    TV is no longer the number one method of reaching a bigger audience. It is, however, still relevant in the game and rakes almost as much ROI as digital media sales. A 2016 study revealed that TV captured a domestic revenue of $71.3 billion while digitized top media sales had a $72.5 billion revenue.


    Newspaper ad spaces are the only ones that will experience a painful decline. The move to top media sales does not fit well with the slow advertising tactics of newspaper spaces.

    iMedia Audiences has a cohesive multi-platform advertising business that gives clients a smart approach. We know how to marry all campaigns for a strategy that will retain your older clients while giving way for the younger generation to stay connected. Contact us today and become part of our trusted clients, such as CNN, This Old House, and Infolinks.


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