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A video brochure is a high-impact marketing piece designed to engage and inform your audience. Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways for any business wanting to connect with prospects and to grow their business and video brochures are one of the most popular and effective marketing tools to use.

The development and explosion of video brochures have created a new marketing platform for high-quality promotional and marketing tools, which can be highly targeted.

Popular with business owners, marketers, advertising agencies, car dealers, real estate agents, and anyone else that has a video message to share, video brochures have the ability to deliver user engagement and influence potential clients to move forward with a purchase, making them a favorite marketing tool. It’s the best way to deliver your message, as they are a creative and flexible way to connect with your customers and prospects, offering the best value in your marketing dollars. Client’s and prospects love the large amount of information that can be delivered in a short amount of time with video brochures.

Video brochures enable advertisers to deliver their video in a custom printed brochure, or video business card, video mailer, video box, video card, and more.

They can be customized for your needs and marketing goals, including custom sizes, screen sizes, and controls. Video brochures are an effective way of presenting new products, higher-end products, sales & marketing aids, and more.

Benefits of using a video mailer in your marketing plans include:

  • Easily sharable
  • Video mailers stand out
  • A controlled and customized message
  • High response rate
  • Preferred media
  • Interactive design, keeps users engaged
  • Immediate access anywhere

Your video presentation is locally stored in the video mailer and can easily be updated with a USB cable.

Video mailers are durable and can be used several times before being replaced. Batteries are rechargeable, so the mailer can be used many times.

Brochures With Video

Video brochures are an ideal way to connect with prospective clients. By mailing them directly to your prospects, you can effectively engage with your target audience using high-impact video marketing and engage with your audience by using innovative technology and breakthrough video brochure techniques.

Regardless of the size of your business, a video brochure is an ideal and effective way to market your business, as they are easily customizable to suit your target audience or the type of business you’re in.

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These high impact marketing tools can either be in a soft or hardcover brochure, which is custom designed and assembled based on your vision and company branding.

Depending upon your needs, the video brochures come in a variety of memory sizes, print options, and brochure sizes. Popular screen sizes include the 4.0”, 5.0”, and 7.0” SD, HD, or IPS, but there are other sizes available as well. Note that video brochure screens are measured from corner to corner diagonally, just as if you were measuring an LCD TV.

Video brochures typically autoplay when opened, but they can also be triggered to play by pressing a button.

Our video brochures are completely customizable and tailored to your business needs. This allows prospective clients to know exactly who you are and why they need what you have to offer. Each project is quoted based on your specific requirements. To get the most accurate estimate, please provide us with detailed information including quantity needed, the screen size (2.4”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 7” or 10.1” as well as type if known e.g., SD, HD, IPS,) number of videos, length of videos combined (so that we can spec the memory required), overall brochure size (such as 5×7, standard A5 (5.8 x 8.3) A4 (8.3 x 11.7), 9 x 12, custom size, etc.). In-hand date, and any other special requirements you may have, such as pocket, custom printed gift box, foil stamping, etc. and we will provide a ballpark quote.

If you don’t know this information, that’s OK too, we can make recommendations to help you decide what will best suit your needs. Call us today for more information and to discuss your project…we are here to help!

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