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  • Video Brochures: Why Your Business Needs Them in 2018
  • Video Brochures: Why Your Business Needs Them in 2018

    These days, you’re either winning in marketing, or you are missing out on marketing opportunities. Our goal, as marketers, is to educate and inspire businesses on how to win in the market. A sure way to win with marketing in 2018 is utilizing video brochures…

    What Are Video Brochures?

    Remember those cards you used to get where, upon opening, you would hear a song and maybe some visuals would pop out at you?

    That is sort of what video brochures are… but in a more sophisticated way.

    Video Brochures, in short, are embedded video files within a promotional brochure, pamphlet, display, or invitation. The videos can be seen within a small lcd screen within printed brochures of any kind. When someone opens the brochure, they get to see first-hand into the company or product before doing any research.

    So, that means you can get in front of your target audience and grab a potential client’s attention far before they learn about your business. Instead of telling those clients who you are, you can show them.

    Print Advertising Modified

    Before the dawn of technology, we had the traditional brochure. This traditional form of advertising is still very beneficial to a business but, of course, they are a little outdated. Images and text have done an amazing job at capturing leads historically, but in 2018, is necessary to keep advancing with the trends.

    That trend is implementing video marketing with print advertising to create and inspire emotion in your potential clients.

    Benefits of Implementing Video Brochures Into Your Marketing Strategy

    1. You will stand out from your competition

    How many brochures have you received that gave you an emotional connection and eventually caused you to make a purchase decision? Odds are you can’t think of many or any for that matter…

    Every brochure you get these days seems to be the same. You will see images and lots of paragraphs and maybe a few testimonials. That just, simply, isn’t enough to capture the attention span of our video crazed world.

    People want to see your product or service in action and develop that emotional connection with your brand. That is exactly what video brochures bring to the table

    For an example, you are an investor that is going to a business event to find new businesses to invest in:
    Company #1 presents you with a brochure about their latest sports car and it contains beautiful images, has a great idea behind it, and includes amazing content.

    Then, Company #2 presents you with another brochure about their latest sports car that still contains images, has another amazing idea, includes descriptions and context about the business, but also contains a high quality video, diving deep into the company’s roots and establishes great brand identity.

    Which one would you choose to invest in? The company that knows how to establish brand identity with amazing video content.

    Many companies are finding that videos are increasing their business and brand recognition, but there are still a ton of businesses that aren’t taking advantage of video technology.

    Standing out from your competition is the name of the game in business and video brochures are a sure way to do that

    2. Allows You to Make an Impact in Direct Marketing

    If your business is centered around building and maintaining relationships (especially in the sales process) video brochures are a necessity.

    Why? Video brochures can help build those relationships. Think about it, your prospective clients are used to the traditional meeting that consists of:

    • The introduction, where that salesperson asks a ton of questions about you.
    • They start to explain what they do or what their product does.
    • And then they explain how that product or service benefits you.

    You have heard this thousands of times, and it stops feeling personal after some time. It just feels like they will say anything to get you to put money down on the same day.

    With a video brochure, it changes the way that meeting goes.

    Instead of just talking about your business, you can show someone your business. If the video is done right, you can get a prospective client interested the minute they find something useful in that video.

    An interaction centered around a creative way to brand your business is what makes a difference. The embedded video within that brochure, alone, is enough to spark inspiration within a client. In turn, this helps you build relationships much easier.

    3. Allows For More Marketing Opportunities

    Every successful marketing campaignrequires a unique approach. Video brochures can accomplish a variety of unique opportunities depending on what you need for your business. Such as:

    • Providing demonstrations and how-to videos about your best product.
    • Launching new ideas and products so your customer stays informed.
    • Providing company insight or a first-hand experience inside the company.
    • Highlighting important customer testimonials.

    Any way you can creatively implement video for your target audience, is something that will tremendously benefit your business.

    They Work For Any Business

    The best part about video brochures and video business cards is how adaptable they are. Whether your business is a large scale corporation with thousands of employees, or you are a small neighborhood business looking to expand, implementing this technology into your business is a great asset.

    With this technology the possibilities are endless for your business. Whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, a real estate agent, or an owner of a retail store, video brochures allow you to make the best first impression.

    Production Logistics

    Here at Video Smart Books, we want to provide the best options for our clients to fit their marketing needs.

    We have many options to suit the type of brochure you are looking for. Some of those options include:

    • A screen size that is varied to suit the aesthetic quality of the brochure.
    • Varying resolutions including standard size, HD, and IPS HD quality.
    • Video conversion to fit the size of the screen.
    • Production options for those who do not have any videos.
    • Accommodation of various formats (MP4, MOV, and AVI)

    Overall, we can help you find the perfect solution to your video marketing needs.

    Many Variations

    Video brochures come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the many options available include:

    • Video business cards
    • Softcard video brochure
    • Hardcover video brochure
    • Video ring box
    • Luxury video brochures
    • Special shape designs


    These great innovations help bridge the gap between your brand and the needs of your potential client. The benefits of a great video marketing campaign are endless and shouldn’t be ignored by any business looking to expand. When looking for the solution to building up your brand identity, look no further than an amazing video brochure.