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    It comes as no surprise that futuristic companies are gradually adopting video brochures for promotional campaigns in favor of traditional ones. Market research already points at an increasing preference for video content by the audience. Plus, video brochures are more flexible than paper. With them, you can do everything you’ll do with a hard copy brochure and much more. If you’re still unsure how best to maximize your video brochure for sales and company image, below are a few suggestions from Video Smartbook:


    The competition for top talent is such that many companies struggle to find effective ways to communicate their vision and get through to prospects. If you’re in those shoes, you need to seriously consider a video brochure. These attention-grabbing devices have the extra advantage of being relatively novel. Thus, recipients are more likely to watch and listen to what your company is all about. As long as you can prepare a quality video pitch for your company, you can rest assured that the recipient is more likely to watch than ignore.


    Video brochures have become a hot selling tool because they pique interest and command attention. The video content shortens the sales process because your sales representative can now do more talking than listening. Plus, the brochure significantly increases your company’s perceived value, even before your representative says a word. Thus, your customers are more likely to make a quick purchase decision.

    Exhibition and trade fairs

    Arming yourself with video brochures can be an easy way to gain an edge over your competitors in a trade fair or exhibition. It also makes your work easier since your potential customers will have an easily understandable demo at hand. With a video brochure, you no longer have to go through the stress of demonstrating for each individual or group.


    If your company needs to train groups of people but find it difficult to assemble them in one place, video brochures can come to your rescue. Each participant will be sent a brochure that they can assess at any convenient time, preventing you from incurring travel expenses and costs due to lost time. Furthermore, the training may prove to be more effective because the recipients watch the videos at their convenience.


    As a video marketing tool, a brochure can be a relatively inexpensive but equally effective alternative to TV commercials. With the right video content, you can make your company message unforgettable and extraordinary and spread it to large groups of people. Remember, video brochures still have the novelty factor going for them. People who see your brochure are likely to be enthralled and make a purchase decision quickly.

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    At Video Smartbooks, we specialize in helping companies maximize sales with video promotional materials. All our products are of the highest quality, and they come with guarantees. Contact us on 1-877-986-7774 for a free consultation or learn more about the benefits of video brochures and other promotional products.

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