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    Video technology is revolutionizing the time and money employers spend training and educating their employees. Traditional employee training techniques consist of numerous paper handouts, person-led training sessions, and often require travel – all of which can be costly and yield low retention rates. Numerous educational studies have found that upwards of 83% of human learning occurs through visual materials. Similar findings suggest that combining visual and oral presentation tools results in a 65% information retention rate.

    With video technology, employers can offer educational and training materials directly to their employees – no travel required. Video brochures can be edited, updated, and viewed time and time again, avoiding unnecessary printing costs and improving overall retention rates among employees.

    How can employers use video technology?


    New employee orientation – introduce new employees to the policies and culture of your company with video brochures. Similarly, rather than spending an entire day in an orientation seminar, video brochures can be delivered directly to your employees.

    Continuing education for employees – keep your employees informed about upcoming events, policy changes, and industry-related educational content using video technology.

    Sales training – provide your sales team with the tools to succeed. Video brochures combine engaging audio and visual information that employees can take home with them.

    New product training – promote and educate your staff on new product launches simultaneously with video technology.

    Motivational material – increase morale and inspire productivity among employees with fun, motivational videos.

    Company seminars – provide stunning audio-visual updates to companies large or small; with video brochures, employees can receive informational material anywhere!


    Video brochures offer employers the opportunity to create educational and training materials that are both cost-effective and captivating. Display hours of high-definition audio and visual content in a convenient, portable brochure. Video brochures can also be updated in real time and recharged – allowing employers to save money while delivering accurate, up-to-date information to a large number of employees instantaneously.

    Video SmartBooks, a leading provider of video marketing materials, offers customizable video brochures for companies of all sizes and industries. Stand out from the competition, attract ideal employees, improve educational retention rates, and promote a connected community culture with video brochures.