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  • Video Brochures for the Medical Field

    According to a recent poll by NPR, 3 out of 5 Americans feel that their doctor or healthcare provider is rushing through exams – a rate that has remained unchanged for over 30 years. Similar data suggests that the average patient only speaks for 12 to 15 seconds before they are interrupted by their provider. Patients want to feel understood, but with physicians scheduled to see up to five patients per hour, there simply is not the time for in-depth interactions.

    Transform the experience of your patients with video brochures.  Combine print, audio, and video materials in an easy-to-understand brochure that patients can view on their own in the doctor’s office or even take home with them.

    How can video technology be used in the medical field?

    Medication – Video brochures can illustrate the benefits and side effects of starting a new medication in a multi-sensory way. Patients frequently receive much more information during an appointment than they can process, and sometimes it is delivered in a technical language they do not understand. Video brochures can explain prescription information in an easily understandable way that can be watched again and again as needed.

    Medical Equipment – Many patients will use medical equipment during their lifetime, whether it is a long-term medical device or testing using advanced medical technology. The complexities of these devices combined with limited facetime with a physician leave many patients feeling overwhelmed and confused; video brochures can provide patients with the information they need to feel confident using medical equipment.

    Medical Procedures and Treatments – As technology advances, medical conditions can be addressed with a wide variety of procedures and treatment protocols. Patients are frequently offered several treatment options and told to make a decision quickly. With video brochures, patients can receive in-depth information about each treatment option that they can view in the office or take home with them.

    Diagnoses – Receiving a medical diagnosis can be an overwhelming and emotional experience for patients and healthcare providers. It is common that the shock and fear surrounding an undesirable diagnosis makes it difficult for patients to understand and retain the information their doctor is conveying. Video brochures are easy-to-understand and portable, so patients can watch comprehensive audio-visual material from home and share it with their families and friends.

    Medical representatives – Convey the advantages of your medical products, machines, or medications, no appointment necessary! Video brochures allow doctors to receive multimedia information from medical reps anytime they have a spare moment.

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