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  • Video Brochures in the Age of Covid-19
  • Video Brochures in the Age of Covid-19

    When the coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, came out of left-field taking hold all over the world, it was hard for anyone to be fully prepared. Businesses are now under pressure to change the way they work in order to avoid financial complications. With social distancing measures that are going to be in effect for a while, it’s time for your business or organization to utilize video content as a go-to tool.

    Even without a global pandemic, video has always been an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and Video Smartbooks allows you to bring a totally custom, cost-effective message to your clients. Every good marketing team should know the recommendations and warnings about cutting marketing budgets during a downturn, which is why it is so vital to utilize the most effective tools. It is your opportunity to get the jump on competition while staying top of mind with prospective customers and helping to retain existing business.


    Trying to reach out to prospective clients can be difficult already, but without face to face meetings, you may struggle to stand out or show exactly what your business does best. Our huge variety of products as well as tailored approach allows you to deliver yourself to your constituent, no matter the current climate.

    Though our service is absolutely crucial during the current pandemic, our service is a wonderful way to tell your story beautifully and effectively. Studies indicate that video marketing is the most impactful and effective method to acquire new customers and clients, train employees and educate audiences.


    If you want to improve brand engagement and increase your client base in a way that’s entertaining, video marketing just can’t be beat. If you think that Video Smartbooks could benefit you, your business or even just help you connect with employees, prospects and clients, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re based in the USA and passionate about what we do. We are as versatile as you and your business and can provide a fast turnaround to help you minimize any negative coronavirus impact.