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    Videos are a beloved marketing format that is easy to consume for millennials, entrepreneurs, businesses, and many other groups. The launch of YouTube changed the marketing game by making the viewing experience a joy for the masses. One can currently get smart business cards in the form of videos to advance their product, service, or brand.

    Most important facts about video business cards

    Video business cards feature a textured plastic that combines the traditional business card format with the LCD technology of tech-in-print products. The menu has a powerful video and audio quality and plays the content automatically for striking memorability.

    What is the benefit of including a view on a business card?

    Videos excite more than one sense and have a more profound and more natural way of stirring intuition. The video has a better effect on making a permanent effect on the brain via the optic nerve.

    Common video brochure applications


    Video business cards showcase the company’s business details alongside the products, news, services, and achievements. It is the better option to explain a complicated business in a small pocketable format. The video allows one to create a more personal experience that proves the legitimacy of the company.


    The video brochure is the better option for presenting contact details in many different formats. You can give a personalized impression of your brand and include unique qualities like abilities and skills.

    Benefits of our video brochure cards


    The traditional print adverts are now the slowest ways to put your business in front of people. People prefer to have all the information they need quickly before they can make conversions. People will buy products and services from a firm that is quick to introduce its brand and explain the many different benefits in less than two minutes.


    A video is a pervasive method of getting the message into the world. 46% of everyone who watches a video marketing brochure will take some form of action after watching. The video stands out from most marketing firms and therefore more likely to trample other forms on search engines.

    Increase likeability

    A video business card is excellent at increasing trust and likeability with little verbal communication. There is a massive influence from the spoken words, especially when to include a narration by a real person. The brochure with body language, eye contact, and an acceptable dress code is excellent at encompassing your brand’s rich tone.

    Ease of use

    Video Smartbooks are extremely easy to use. One does not need any degree of technology savviness to operate the card. It is better when we include the video in typical everyday applications like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    Common features of video business cards

    • Name and identity
    • Contact details
    • A tagline of the quote for your brand
    • A strong proposition about your products or services
    • A call to action about the product or service

    We have unique ways of adding all the above and more into the card. Talk to us on 1-877-986-7774 to find out how you can get video business cards of a favorable size and style for your business.

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