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    Traditional brochures are no longer the best means of delivering business promotional materials. Research has consistently shown that video content now enjoys a much wider reach and greater engagement than all other content types. As a business owner, you must be willing to meet your customers at their place of comfort. Investing in video brochures for promotional campaigns is one of the best ways to achieve that, and the experts at Video Smartbooks can be your go-to professionals for top-quality video promotional materials. Here, we’ll answer a few questions about video brochures and how to maximize the Video Smartbooks advantage:

    What is a video brochure?

    A video brochure is a card-based device that houses a screen, sound chip, and memory for video content. It’s just like a traditional brochure but houses video content instead of texts and pictures. When the recipient opens the picture, they’re greeted by the uploaded video content, which may be an introduction to your company, a product demo, or anything else you upload. 

    Video brochures come in different screens and video sizes. The screen can be as small as 2.4 inches or as large as 10.1 inches. In the same vein, the video content may range from less than 1 minute to 2 hours or more. The choice will ultimately depend on your marketing budget and goals.

    How much do video brochures cost?

    The exact cost of video brochures for promotional campaigns will depend on your needs and your order volume. Our prices typically range from $20-$50 for 100 brochures. However, screen size and other project variables may drive the price lower or higher. You can rest assured that our products are competitively priced, and you’ll get adequate value for every penny spent.

    What kind of video can I upload on a video brochure?

    The short answer is any kind of video. They just have to meet the product specifications for your Video Smartbook in terms of format, resolution, and size. Usually, our brochures accept MKV and MP4 videos, but the screen resolution and size will depend on your specific order.

    Another excellent feature of Video Smartbooks is that the user can upload or change videos at will. However, this option is not available for the 2.4’’ Smartbook because of technical difficulties. If you order for this screen size, we will have to do the uploading at our end.

    What is the minimum quantity of video brochures I can order?

    For standard orders, the minimum order quantity of our e-product video brochure 25 pieces. However, some custom orders will require higher MOQs. We will give you a final answer when we know more about the scope of customization your project needs.

    Do your products come with a guarantee?

    Yes. Our video brochures come with a warranty against defects from our end. You can check your video mailer or brochure order upon receipt for more information about the warranty.

    Contact us for the best video marketing materials

    At Video Smartbooks, we specialize in helping companies maximize sales with video promotional materials. All our products are of the highest quality, and they come with guarantees. Contact us on 1-877-986-7774 for a free consultation or to learn more about the benefits of video brochures and other promotional products. 

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