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    When you run a business or any organization, you may be looking at new ways to interact and inform your viewers, followers, or customers. Video mailers are engaging, innovative tools that are quickly becoming the newest and best way to make a solid impression on your potential clientele. After you see video brochure mailers in action, it will be easy for you to understand why such marketing mailers will give you quite an advantage over many competitors.

    There is nothing like having a way to send out a message with a platform that ends up paying for itself. When you work with us at Video Smartbooks, we can help you put out a video marketing mailer that delivers the message you are hoping to put forth. There are several distinct advantages to using our services, including: 

    1. Lasting Impact – A print brochure has always been a mainstay in the marketing world. However, when you add a video to the brochure, you will have customers talking while keeping your business in their minds. Not only that, but affordable brochure marketing will provide you with multisensory presentations so that viewers remember your messaging for quite some time after the seminar or conference.
    2. Immediate Access – When you have video brochures and mailers, you will not have to worry that you have a good enough connection speed for your presentation. This allows you to share high-quality information at any location, any time. Presentations are stored on the brochure, and you can update it with the help of a USB cable – making it so that an internet connection is no longer necessary.
    3. Preferred Media – You can use LCD screens with your video brochures so that you have a boost to information and exposure. Someone may not read through bulleted points in your brochure, but a video display will grab them right away and keep their attention through every bit of the presentation.
    4. Interactive Designs – You can fully customize the interactive experience so that your viewer will remain focused on the content within your video mailers. We can go over options with you for volume buttons, play or pause buttons, channel buttons, and other ways to tailor your video messaging.
    5. Adaptability – After you work with us to create your video direct mailer, you can then have plenty of ways to go forward. The ability to adjust the content is a major reason why so many businesses today are starting to use this platform. All you have to do is create and upload your new content, and you can reach out to different audiences, all while keeping all of your primary information intact.

    Is it time for you to update the way that you are marketing your business and getting the word out? In many instances, all it takes is a chance to adopt video mailers’ power, and you will start to see tremendous results. When you are ready to learn more, contact Video Smartbooks for a free consultation and quote by calling (877) 986-7774, and we will get you started!

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