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    When it comes to direct marketing, you’re always looking for an authentic approach to reaching your clients. It can be difficult to find an option that best breaks through the clutter and truly captures what you have to offer. Studies show that humans can remember more than 2,000 images at a 90% accuracy rate in recognition. This exceeds our ability to remember words by a substantial amount. A Video SmartBooks Video mailer is the most impactful digital, direct marketing tool for businesses looking to stand out.

    Send a visual representation that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Interactive and innovative, Video Mailers are the impactful approach to reaching new clients.

    Introduce Your Business.

    First impressions can make or break the client’s opinion of you. Unlike standard printed business cards and brochures that tend to get lost before they are actually utilized, video business cards and video brochures make a lasting first impression. Whether making a sale, starting a business, or simply doing some networking, your business card is your presence as a professional. The combination of print, sound and video combined into one completely customizable marketing tool presents your brand in a highly memorable presentation. Instead of the usual name, phone number and address; show potential clients what you really have to offer. You choose how you want to introduce yourself. Video business cards are an attention-grabbing way to reach out to your high-value prospective clients in a new way.


    Stand Out

    It’s hard to stand out in the world we live in today. Everywhere we turn there’s new advertisements trying to reach out and grab our attention. Looking to stand out can seem like an impossible challenge. That’s why it’s so important to find your individuality among competitors. Do you have a specific skill set or passion? Video Mailers allow you to put the spotlight on your expertise and present it exactly how you want to. Video Mailers allow businesses to show off what sets them apart.



    Reach New Clients.

    A Video Mailer has the ability to create a greater outreach than a standard paper business card.  It’s nearly impossible to deliver an authentic introduction using a typical business card. Imagine having the opportunity to present to potential new clients down the street or even thousands of miles away just as fast as mail goes out? Video Mailers give you the ability to build credibility in a faster and more authentic way. You chose the audience you want, you choose how to reach them and you make a connection that lasts. Video Mailers are the networking choice for businesses looking to reach and be remembered by even your most hard to reach prospects.

    Video Smart Books is a leading creator of video marketing products, including customizable video brochures for all sectors of the medical field. Stand out within your industry, attract new clients, and provide an unparalleled experience for your clients.