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  • Video Marketing for 2019

    Stand out from the competition in 2019 with video marketing! In an increasingly digital world, video continues to be the preferred communication method of consumers, with Facebook currently generating 8 billion video views daily – adding up to over 700 years of watch time every day.

    What makes video technology so appealing to consumers?

    • Learning and memory – according to the Social Science Research Network, over 65% of the population are visual learners. Additionally, the brain processes visual information much faster than text, and memory is maximized when visual and auditory messages are combined; as a result, video marketing strategies can help educate potential clients, attract customers, and improve retention rates of your product, brand, or service.
    • Emotional connection – in an age of advanced technology, consumers are seeking human connection now more than ever. ¬†Share your brand story, resonate with your clientele, and build relationships with prospective and current customers through video marketing.
    • Ease of communication – video marketing offers consumers a quick way to receive information on their own terms. With portable video technology, consumers can also access your information anytime.


    Based on these statistics, it is growingly apparent that utilizing video marketing strategies is integral to the success of your brand. However, in a time where consumers view hundreds of millions of hours of video daily, how can you boost your company to the next level?

    With video brochures and video business cards, consumers can receive your video in the mail and carry it in their purse or pocket! Portable video marketing products can also be used without the internet or electricity, making them accessible to everyone. Video brochures and video business cards create a memorable experience – watch videos together with colleagues, customers, and patients, or pass them on for others to enjoy.

    Kick off a prosperous new year with the use of video brochures and video business cards. Embed your video into a promotional mailer to create a memorable consumer experience and expand your brand. Combining print and direct marketing strategies through video technology allows you to build a more personal relationship with your clients – no cold calls required!

    From real estate agencies to educational institutes to the medical field, video brochures and video business cards are increasing profitability across a variety of industries. Send engaging educational information and promotional materials directly to your consumers using video brochures and video business cards!