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  • Video Marketing: How to Use Video Books in your Marketing Strategy
  • Video Marketing: How to Use Video Books in your Marketing Strategy

    Video marketing is known as one of the best forms of content marketing. It is a sure way to show clients an inside track to what your business is about and how you can provide value to your audience.

    In order to successfully do this, you have to know how to. That is where we come in.

    A few amazing facts before we get into it:

    100 Million hours of video are being watched on Facebook on a daily basis… In a year, 36,500,000,000 hours of video will be watched.

    That is staggering considering they just started to get serious with Facebook Watch. Imagine how those numbers will grow in the future.

    Mastering video marketing online as well as video in print advertising this will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition. Video in print advertising is something we know as video brochures or video mailers.

    Provide Insight on How Your Company is Different

    You should use video as a way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Odds are, if you are in a non-competitive market, none of your competition is even using video for their marketing… That is a huge opportunity for you.

    The idea behind video marketing is to give your clients an inside track to your business and show them that you do things more effectively than the competition.

    Video marketing can help you achieve this.

    How Do You Provide That Inside Track to Prospective Clients?

    Video books are one of the best ways to achieve that. What is a video book? It is exactly what it sounds like.

    It is a piece of print material such as a brochure, a book, pamphlet, or card that has an embedded file in it.

    So when you meet with a client and have a presentation to show them, you can effectively show them directly inside your business with a video that pops up when opening the book.

    A video book looks something like this:

    Upon opening the print material, a client can see directly into that company and learn more about what they do- effectively bridging the gap between the client and the company they are deciding to go with.

    Spark Emotion Within The Client

    In business you always want to spark emotion with current and prospective clients. Salespeople are always taught this…

    That is why a salesperson asks questions about you about your favorite sports team or about your hobbies…

    They want to invoke emotions about what you are passionate about.

    If they can invoke emotions from you, it is way easier to close the deal.

    How do you invoke those emotions?

    You have to show these clients something that they will resonate within them. First, you have to know your clients…

    That is a given. You have to know exactly what makes your clients tick and how to play into what excites them.

    One way to do this is by implementing print advertising with video marketing. So, that means implementing video brochures into your marketing strategy.

    You can show a client something that excites them… Someone interested in luxury cars, for example, resonate with the feeling of exhilaration when driving a high powered car.

    Showing them a brochure of this car in print advertising form– encompassing images and well-worded text mixed with a video or multiple videos embedded, will help to give them those feelings.

    Including a video of the car reaching high speeds gives while gripping the road is something that easily resonates with car enthusiasts. Capturing that emotion with a client is something you can easily do with a video brochure.

    Educate Clients

    Salespeople are often taught that if they don’t close the deal after a long deliberation, it is because they didn’t educate the consumer enough.

    They didn’t paint the full picture. While we know that there are more factors than just this point, educating your customer is still imperative to the process.

    If you run business that is difficult to understand or you have a new product that just hit the market, it is necessary to show your customers what it is all about. The key word here is “show”

    The Visual Learners

    Like we highlighted before, most people are becoming visual learners. This is as a result of video becoming more and more popular and prevalent in our society.

    People aren’t just looking to read about things to learn these days… They are seeking content that shows them what to do.

    You can do, just this, in an educational video book. The main point of focus is the video to capture their attention. This embedded video is put in place to educate the consumer on the product and why they need it in their lives.

    Video Mailers and Video Books

    As we have highlighted in this article, video mailers, brochures, books, pamphlets, and boxes can help you achieve certain marketing goals in 2018.

    Whether you are looking to capture a client’s emotions, separate yourself from your competition, or educate your potential clients, embedded video within print can make a significant impact in achieving these goals.

    Video brochures are the ultimate way to impress a client- something that is often overlooked in the sales process.

    More on Video Brochures

    Video Brochures are embedded files within a promotional brochure, pamphlet, or a card.

    They have a ton of benefits in how they can appeal to your target market and get people excited about doing business with you.

    As we know, video is turning about to be increasingly popular in today’s world. Meshing video with traditional forms of advertising make a world of the difference.

    For more on video brochures, video mailers, and the specifics of how they work, check out this article.


    Overall, you should be incorporating video into your marketing budget if you aren’t already doing so.

    Many companies are finding that video marketing has helped them increase their amount of leads and conversions.

    One of the best ways to do that is by implementing video-in-print marketing.