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  • Ways Corporations Use Video Brochures During a Pandemic (and Beyond!)
  • Ways Corporations Use Video Brochures During a Pandemic (and Beyond!)

    The widespread COVID-19 outbreaks are forcing a lot of businesses to look at their marketing and the way they do business differently. We’re all getting overwhelmed with emails and there’s not much that can compete with an in-person meeting when you’re trying to build new relationships. However, Video Smartbooks has the perfect solution for businesses throughout the pandemic and beyond.

    This blog aims to help you understand how video brochures can benefit you and your organization during these uncertain times and beyond!

    Advertising is a hugely important part of any business’ marketing strategy and it’s always vital to find a way to stand out. Video brochures are versatile as well as unique. Whether you are looking to show off how your product works or want to meet your clients where they are, a video brochure delivered straight to their door is a perfect way to ensure people actually get your message. When you have new features that you want your clients to know about, a video brochure catches their attention and is great for relaying information that you want people to actually hear.

    As well as displaying a company’s products or showcasing its services, video brochures are an ideal training tool. Whether you are looking to help staff or potential customers, the video brochure is a cost-effective, convenient way to demonstrate and train people without having to be together in a physical setting.  Putting a video book in their hands will explain what you need them to know.

    As meeting in groups and workplaces begins to open again, it is time to consider the best possible way to invite prospective and existing clients to events and launches. Even if it is a virtual event, using a video invitation sets the tone that you are a serious company utilizing great technology to bring your clients the information they need.  A video brochure can serve as a Virtual Trade Show, for example.

    This blog offers an extensive but non comprehensive list of how and why your organization could benefit from video brochures. Delivering a video message right to somebody’s door is an incredibly effective way of relaying information and spreading a message on a mass scale. If you are interested in benefiting from this brilliant resource, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Video Smartbooks today.

    Here is a list of 10 ways our customers are using Video Smartbooks during the pandemic and hopefully very soon…beyond!



    1.  Advertising
    2. Product education
    3. Testimonials
    4. Training
    5. Invitations
    6. Press Releases
    7. New feature announcements
    8. Product Launches and demonstrations
    9. Marketing/Direct Mail campaigns
    10. “Virtual” Trade Shows